Dying with Confidence: A Tibetan Buddhist Guide to Preparing for Death

Dying with Confidence: A Tibetan Buddhist Guide to Preparing for Death (Paperback)

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In this book, Anyen Rinpoche gives practical information beneficial to those wanting to explore the depth of the teachings on dying skillfully, in accord with the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Encouraging readers to honestly look at both life and death, and to contemplate our impermanence deeply, the author shows us how to use the very process of dying to further our goal of enlightenment, compassion, and a wise and fulfilling life in the here-and-now.

Praise for Dying with Confidence: A Tibetan Buddhist Guide to Preparing for Death…

“A powerful guidebook and a source of comfort at life’s most crucial moment.”
—Tulku Thondup Rinpoche, author of Boudless Healing

“We all have temporary and ultimate fears, those of this life and those of the future—but among all of our fears, our greatest fear is the fear of death. Dying with Confidence gives us the methods to grasp the stronghold beyond death. Thank you, Anyen Rinpoche, for this incredibly kind book.”
—Garchen Rinpoche

“Drawing from his vast knowledge of Buddhist teachings, Tibetan master Anyen Rinpoche offers us a wise and luminous guide to the interplay between life and death, to the nature of consciousness, and to the transformation of fear into faith.” —Tsoknyi Rinpoche, author of Carefree Dignity and Fearless Simplicity

“This may be the most important contemporary Dharma book now available.” —Deborah Schoeberlein, author of Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness

“This is a wonderful book, a very practical guide grounded in the author's
personal experience and deep reflections. The sample end-of-life
documents that Anyen Rinpoche provides—the sample Dharma Will, for instance—are exceptionally valuable.” —José Ignacio Cabezón, The Dalai Lama Professor UC Santa Barbara

“With clear, concise directions, the author guides the reader through what is necessary to ensure a calm and smooth transformation into the next phase of existence. Including topics ranging from preparation of the will to organ donation and the use of medications and medical technology, Dying With Confidence provides a complete guide for Buddhists and also addresses the role of non-Buddhists as well. The appendices in the back of the book provide highly useful resources and additional information that the reader will also find useful. While the concept of one’s death is almost always uncomfortable to contemplate, it is not something that should be overlooked; this book will help to make the metamorphosis that much easier.”—Elephant Journal

“This is an insightful “how-to” guide. The perfect way to die is “to abide in the nature of mind, with its empty essence, clear nature and all-pervasive compassion” according to a remarkable rinpoche who passed away on the first day of Sakadawa in 2005, and is quoted by the author of this loving and practical book who himself was born in Tibet and teaches at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Anyen Rinpoche’s clear compassionate style will help those who think that contemplating death will make them sorrowful. It should not. He helps us to understand the various stages, the bardos of living and dying, the practice of phowa and how to help someone through the dying process. A clear and reassuring read.”—Mandala, Editors Choice

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Published: Wisdom Publications, 09/01/2010
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